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Vision, Mission and Values

Who we are

My Life Learning is part of the charity My Life, which was set up as a result of a group of people with disabilities and their families wanting something different to traditional types of health and social care services, as well have as more choice and control over their own lives.

Our staff have extensive experience in the education, employment and the care system, and we have seen that traditional approaches often fail the people we care about. This is not usually because of a lack of compassion, but more often because things start with a focus on the question of “what’s the matter?” without giving enough thought to “what matters” to the person themselves.

Our firm belief is that if we do what we know works for people, if we really listen to them, if we see who they are and what they have to offer – each person different – if we walk alongside them, then we can go on to do great things. This belief is embedded deeply within My Life Works.


Our vision

My Life's vision is simple – for people to have a good life. Our belief is if we all give a little, we all gain and grow together.

Our goals are based on the Citizenship Model and focus on seven key themes.


Our mission

We strive to work in a person-centred way with people of all ages who may need support to achieve a good life for themselves, and to enable people to feel in control of their own lives, have the emotional support to get through the tough times, and have all the information and help they need to work out their own solutions.

This is why, as well as focusing on the specific skill-based parts of our programme, a key element is also preparing people for adulthood, to enable them to live a life of their choosing, both now and in the future, a life in which they have as much choice and control as possible.


Our values

Here at My Life Works we firmly believe and follow the charity’s values, which underpin everything that we do.

We are one team, working in a collaborative manner, with no artificial or perceived boundaries.

  • We celebrate and value the contribution of all people to society
  • We respect individual aspirations and needs
  • We provide person-centred high quality, life-enriching services.

Through the provision of a high-quality programme of work-based experience, skills and development we aim to give all everyone who comes to My Life Works purpose, independence, and a sense of belonging.

Choose My Life Works and you will be choosing all that and much, much more.